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Integrated office supplies

Payment of legal entities

Payment is to be done according an invoice provide to you at the delivery. Possible methods of payment:

  • - Bank Transfer,
  • - Cash on delivery.

You choose the payment method when ordering online. If you choose cash payment, then you will be provided two documents:

  1. 1. The invoice
  2. 2. Cashbox input order.

The legal entities are to pay for the goods after the delivery. Term of payment no later than 7 working days from the date of the billing invoice. If you have not paid up order, a new order will not be executed.

Payment of individuals.

With individuals, our company is forced to work on a prepaid basis. Payment must be made only by bank transfer. Delivery will be made after the funds are credited to the account of our company. Cash is only available for the first two orders. Starting from third order payments must be made by bank transfer. Cash payment cannot be accepted for the 3rd and more orders. This condition is based on the nuances of the tax system of the Republic of Armenia.

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